Local Church contact details

Just as it says, anything and everything historical that does not fit in any other section goes in here. All requests go in here as well.
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Local Church contact details

#1 Post by Brian » Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:01 am

I have attempted to get contact details of the local churches for anyone doing genealogical research and have posted them here - I have as yet not confirmed any numbers or emails here and there may be a few errors so if anyone can help fill in the blanks or correct any mistakes please do so. Please also note that all of the phone numbers here were taken from various sites on the internet and would in most cases only be a first contact basis as the person on the other end may not have access to parish records, but should be able to point you in the right direction. If calling from overseas please remember the time differences!

St Peters and Mary Queen of Peace

Parish Office Email:


Phone (028) 417 59981

Warrenpoint, Clonallon Road, and Kilbroney (Rostrevor) Parish Churches

(028) 4175 3497

Warrenpoint Presbyterian Church

Tel: 02841 753316

E-mail: info@warrenpointpresbyterian.org

Warrenpoint Methodist Church

Rev Lorna Dreaning: 07704579840

Warrenpoint Baptist Church


First Presbyterian Church (Non suscribing)


Plymouth Brethren Christian church

Carnmeen Park
BT34 2PA


There is another small church on the Clonallon Road (on the junction opposite Clonallon Church) although I don't have any contact details for them (yet)

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