Bensons Glen and Fathom Park House for sale

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Bensons Glen and Fathom Park House for sale

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See ... down-newry.

Lot One is the house (historically the home of William Ogle and his family, followed by Richard Benson and his family) and 1 Acre of land, Lot 2 is 27 acres of farmland, within which is the 4 Acres comprising Benson's Glen.

For Lot 2 the estate agent's description states ".....Within these lands approx 4 acres(fields15&16) consists of Bensons Glen, a picturesque wooded area on both sides of a stream running through the farm. This wood also includes a large impressive folly known as the Belvedere Ruins, thought to have been constructed around 1885. This is a 3 storey stone built octagonal shaped structure, currently roofless, although occupying an excellent elevated position overlooking the Clanrye Valley".

However A Picturesque Handbook to Carlingford Bay (1846) states "We next reach Fathom Park House the beautiful residence of Richard Benson Esq., who here cultivates a learned leisure and in the indulgence of literary tastes experiences pleasures which the toiling and crafty worldling however prosperous can never know. In front of the house the neat park is studded with spreading sycamores and elms There is a lovely walk in a deep glen thickly planted with old oak and ash trees running parallel with the park in rear of the house which ascends the hill to Upper Fathom In this wizard glen are the remains of a roofless octagonal tower, although in ruins it appears to be a modern structure "


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