Whatever happened to.......?

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Whatever happened to.......?

#1 Post by Bridgie » Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:33 am

During the early 70's I attended St Mark's, since then I've lived abroad many years and lost touch.
Recently I've returned to the area and through these pages I have only lately learned of the sad passing of a number of people I was at school with. Mary Rush, Annette McShane, Hugh McGivern were all major shocks to me, may they rest in peace.

I often wonder what ever happened to others, and where are they now. So here is a wee list of just 'Point people.

Frank Heaney
John Dinsmore Clemont Gdns
Hugh Boxer McCann
Paddy McGuigan
Deirdre McGaughey
Carmel O'Callaghan
Ursela Hanna
Susan Hunt Rosmara Park
Linda Hunt, Susan's sister, they also had a younger brother can't remember his name
Pauline Hankin
Annette Sparks
Josie McShane
Carol Reid
Are any of them still in the area?
More names will no doubt spring to mind later.

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Re: Whatever happened to.......?

#2 Post by Richiemac » Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:13 pm

Bridgie, probably 8 years or so before my time in St. Marks but I have sent you a private message. Thanks.

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Re: Whatever happened to.......?

#3 Post by joanne » Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:26 am

Bridgie,Paddy McGuigan is my brother and he is alive and well and living in Warrenpoint....with three children and four grandchildren.
Frank Heaney is in Rostrevor,Hugh McCann is in England,Deirdre McCaughey is in Annalong,Carmel O'Callaghan is in the local area,not sure exactly where but I have seen her around,Pauline Hankin doesn't live in Warrenpoint but visits her mother here regularly,Josie McShane is in Warrenpoint and Carol Reid lives in Killarney.

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