Ship Bar

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Ship Bar

#1 Post by Brian » Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:07 pm

From the McKinley Collection


The Ship bar (as it was)

The hanging baskets, and window boxes where filled every year by mum and dad, both in the shop and later when we moved here to Drumsesk. Indeed it was a yearly ritual when the "coffins" as they were known were lifted down from the windows and transported around to the house to get cleaned out and refilled. Often I'm sure the neighbours must have wondered what was going on when they heard Frank or Davy Duff announce to all an sundry that he had 2 coffins for us :D

They were not light, and took some effort to carry around the back and even more to put them back in place. They were well looked after on site by Frank and Dympna - looking at them in this photo I assume they were at the end of season and ready to be taken down and refilled.

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