Port Coon Cave - Giants Causeway

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Port Coon Cave - Giants Causeway

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From "Ireland, its scenery, character & c.." (see http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=bWcN ... utput=text )

"We heard a story of a giant hermit who inhabited Port Coon Cave in the very olden time. The giant was of a kind and humble nature, and instead of taking vengeance upon the world, which had used him very ill, he resolved to end his life praying and fasting in a sea-cave, and made a solemn vow that he would never touch food brought to him by mortal hands.

Of course Satan tempted him, as we were told, in the usual way, by beautiful sea-ladies bringing him "meat fresh and salt" but though the saintly giant was "faint with the hunger" and the perfume of the savoury edibles was most tempting, he would not break his vow; he had sworn never to touch food brought to him by mortal hands, and so he turned away from the fair sea- ladies and their temptations with a groan that reverberated through every pipe pillar of the Causeway Organ.

Well, after he had been left alone, and was praying—praying, and almost at the last gasp, what should he see coming "walloping" through the water to him, with something in her mouth, but a seal! "Holy giant," she says, "eat what I have brought, and you break no vow. I have no mortal hands to tempt you, so be satisfied ; it is better to live on and set your back to the troubles of the world than to lie down like a dog and die under them."

And the giant ate, for sure enough there was nothing against his vow in eating what a seal brought him in her mouth ; and he was fed in the cave by seals till the day of his death, and they were kind and good to him from the first to the last."


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Re: Port Coon Cave - Giants Causeway

#2 Post by patMG07 » Thu May 07, 2009 8:14 pm

Only came across this evening Jim....great photo / card and an interesting article. :-):-)

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