1841/1851 Irish Census Search Forms (Pension Applications)

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1841/1851 Irish Census Search Forms (Pension Applications)

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These are now available to search online at the Irish National Archives site (see http://censussearchforms.nationalarchiv ... s/home.jsp. This includes an explanation of what the records contain, however briefly they were Pension Applications for an old age pension payable from 1909, when applicants had to be 70 years or older. The 1841 and 1851 Census records still existed then, and these were used to validate the pension applications. Each record gives the applicant's name, current address, father's full name, mother's christian name, etc.

While Census Search Forms for Counties Antrim, Armagh, Cavan, Derry, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Monaghan and Tyrone are held and available (offline) by and from PRONI, there are records from Antrim (2,085), Armagh (1,135), Cavan (1,980), Derry (1,096), Donegal (1,963), Down (1,980), Fermanagh (1,218), Monaghan (899), and Tyrone (1,400) in the records at the above link.

Here are the numbers of records available by Parish and Townland:

Clonallan Parish (16 records) Surnames are Allen, Campbell, Carvill, Doyle, Heenan, Kelly,Lively, Lowry, McCarlin or Flanagan, McManus, O'Hare, Revy, Ruddock, Ryan, Sloane or Cullen.

Warrenpoint Parish (9 records) Surnames are Anderson, Clarke, Flanagan, Flynn, McGahan, Pinkey, Waterson

Aghavilly Townland (1 record - Haughey)

Aughnagon Townland (1 record - Campbell)

BallymaconaghyTownland (2 records)

Burren Townland (7 records)

Carrogs Townland (1 record - Ryan)

Dromore Townland (46 records)

Greenan Townland (22 records)

Milltown Townland (37 records)

Narrow Water Townland (1 record - Waterson)

Ringmackilroy Townland (2 records)

TamnaharryTownland (1 record - Carvill)

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Re: 1841/1851 Irish Census Search Forms (Pension Application

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Yet again, thank you Jim

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