Felicia Curran (Magliocca)

Looking for information on family members from the past generations? Maybe we can help.
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Felicia Curran (Magliocca)

#1 Post by paddy103 » Wed Nov 01, 2017 9:59 pm

Can any of you kind people help me?

I am looking for any information about my grandmother Felicia Curran (Magliocca).

She was part of the Magliocca family that still runs the Genoa in the square, she used to work in the cafe/shop in the late twenties.
I am unsure of many other details other than she had a boy in Belfast (Patrick Curran) on April 15th 1929 and married my Grandfather eight days later.
My father has not recollection of seeing his father as he went to New York soon after he was born and never contacted my grandfather again. I can vaguely remember some called Rose from early days, who might have been a sister of hers.

I would appreciate anything you guys can give me

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